Apple Mail to MBOX Conversion Quick & Easy

apple mail to mbox


Doesn’t it feel good when you pay for something and get a little extra in return. That’s what happens when you buy the best Apple Mail to MBOX Converter from USL Software. Mail Extractor Max is an all-round solution that offers more than just an Apple Mail to MBOX Converter does.


Mail Extractor Max packs all the latest features that help you get a complete, safe and quicker conversion process. The tool offers versatility, power and many rare features that gives an edge over the other Apple Mail to MBOX Converters.

apple mail to mbox converter

The tool allows you to convert your Apple Mail to MBOX with ease. But, that’s isn’t the only conversion that the tool supports. It can also convert your Apple Mail to Postbox, EML etc. This makes the tool not only an Apple Mail to MBOX Converter but a multi converter that makes your conversion life easy.

With so many options at your disposal you can control the output of your conversion process. This is the kind of control missing fromother Apple Mail to MBOX Converter that you get to experience in Mail Extractor Max.

When it comes to converting the data present in your input file, there is no other tool matching the bar set by Mail Extractor Max.The tool converts everything present in your input file.

The accuracy and precision of your tool is such that it leaves nothing behind during the conversion process. You would never face the problem of data being left unconverted or behind that you experienced with your previous Apple Mail to MBOX Converter.

convert apple mail to mbox

The tool converts everything down to the last bit. The accuracy of the tool is such that the output file produced, and the input file are exact replica of each other. You won’t find a difference between the two except for the format of the file.

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The tool even retains the folder hierarchy of the input file to makes navigation through the output file produced easier. This also helps in debugging the output file as you can easily spot if something goes missing or is left unconverted.

The tool provides you the special care that your data deserves and needs. The tool protects your data like its own. The tool supports conversion of Unicode content. This is again a rare feature among Apple Mailto MBOX Converters.

Unicode is the non-English part of your data, like calendars, attachments etc. So, not every converter tool can convert it easily.

This leads to an incomplete conversion process and may also end up in damaging your input data. But Mail Extractor Max converts Unicode data as well to provide you with complete and safe conversion process.

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The tool picks up the pace of conversion process by supporting bulk conversion process. In bulk conversion process you can select all the files that you want to convert. And then in a single go the tool converts them all without compromising on the accuracy and precision of your Apple Mail to MBOX Converter. So,the tool offers much more than its price. Download the free trial to get used the tool before you buy the premium version. For any queries a 24*7 helpline is available to assist you. So, get started today.

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