Convert MBOX to PST Freeware

Convert MBOX to PST freeware tools have potentially many problems that a non-experienced user can feel troubling and painful. Especially when it is fractional omission of data elements, like Unicode text and sophisticated details.

Convert MBOX to PST Freeware Software

Freeware tools have their own place in software market. There are many tasks and operations relating to computers that software applications with freeware licenses can accomplish fairly well. There are also online based free apps that run on browsers like Chrome and Firefox. They are obviously inefficient when put face to face with professional commercially-licensed tools, but in a basic situation, they can be somewhat sufficient, if not fully efficient.

But an email conversion or migration of email data across clients is something different entirely. You cannot get any freeware or online tool to convert MBOX to PST and hope to get all your data output without any errors. With emails, you have a lot more complexity than with other files. For instance, with the introduction of MIME defined content and Unicode text and other more deeper levels of information in email files, a generic converter that either runs on browsers or is a freeware don’t extract those informational items correctly and users end up with missing items.

To counter that, you need a fully developed email migration utility and not just another mere file name extension converter.

To put it simply, converting MBOX to PST is more than just changing the names of files from *.mbox to *.pst. And an advanced tool with a sophisticated data processing levels can handle it rightly.

You can go online and look for such tools but there aren’t many.

The problem with Convert MBOX to PST freeware tools are as follows:

  • They often miss one or more aspects of software tools that are essential in data conversion. You will find them either with poor user interfaces. Because the developers focused on powerful algorithms, or with limited features because developers don’t want to clutter the UI.
  • Another common complaint most users make is lack of any support system. If it’s a free open source tool, you should get some sort of professional support from the people who are giving the tool to you at some cost. A generic community help isn’t gonna cut it.
  • Even with the best of efforts, most MBOX to PST converters don’t have the support for Unicode. The tool does not convert well (non-English) text characters, like Chinese and Japanese.
  • They also do not convert the data while keeping the folder hierarchy preserved. You will find your emails in the output PST files all jumbled together, and if the folders are preserved, they won’t be in their correct order or structure as they were originally stored in MBOX files.

And there are many issues with contemporary MBOX to PST converter that we won’t go into details here. Most of them are specific to email migration challenges but few are also about the general shortcomings in any software solution.

Mail Extractor Pro to Convert MBOX to PST

And that’s when “Mail Extractor Pro” enters the scene. Developed by USL Software, which is a company that perhaps has the most experience in offering tools and utilities. They offer tools for both home and corporate users to migrate their email data. “Mail Extractor Pro” smartly overcomes the challenges discussed above. It boldly presents to you the most flawless and straightforward solution to convert complex MBOX files to PST. It maintains the folder hierarchy, Unicode content, metadata conversion, 24 x 7 tech team helping you, and more.

Convert MBOX to PST Freeware

The tool is built from the inside-out to either come up with a solution for problems usually faced in this domain or to altogether avoid them and take a difference eccentric route. For example, the tool doesn’t handle the metadata and hierarchical details in the post-extraction phase. But they rather deals with it in Realtime that outputs the precision with data not observed with any other converter. It also had dedicated unique logic for double-byte characters (used by Chinese languages) rather than a single universal algorithm for all text.

Convert MBOX to PST

What most experts count as an exciting new feature in this converter is the ability to load multiple MBOX files at once and convert all of them to PST. This is balanced by another feature that can split large PST files in case your set of MBOX files is massive leading to unwanted one single large PST file.  Now you can get to large projects of data conversion without having to waste your time by converting all files individually and yet be able to control the size and number of output files.


Differences like the above ones make “Mail Extractor Pro” the best way forward. Otherwise the task will obscure like converting MBOX to PST files.

Convert MBOX to PST Freeware Trial Version

Download the free trial version and you will find much more than stated here. You will get to see how simple the interface in spite of its advanced functionality. And if you face any problems, get in touch with the support staff to resolve them immediately.

Get Mail Extractor Pro at

Do not try to convert mbox to pst freeware tools, go for professional tool like ‘Mail Extractor Pro’.