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Software today come in two versions: one is the trial that just introduces you to what’s in the store for you and second one is the premium version which gives you the access to all of its features. But what if someone said to you that there is a trial that gives you full access to the premium features?


OST Extractor Pro is one such tool. The tool form USL Software is a one stop solution for all email related problems and also provides you with all the premium features in the trial version.

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Convert into multiple file formats

All the Outlook users out there know the big headache that comes with the process of converting OST files into PST or even in Thunderbird or MBOX. The task is tedious and complex and if not performed correctly may lead to more potential damage to the data.

Accuracy of Conversion

For this purpose, OST Extractor Pro is used. The tool is the highest quality of professional help you can get in this field. And unlike other software its trial is almost the whole package.

Simple & Easy to use

OST Extractor Pro offers you the all-round solution and comfort to carry out the whole conversion process. And this starts from the intelligently designed interface.

The interface of the tool is very simple to use and easy to navigate. The interface hides all the complexity involved in the process of conversion of files. It just a point and click interface which makes the tool easy to use even for first timers.

But don’t get fooled by the extremely simple to use interface. The tool has the most powerful core out there. The algorithm used for the process of conversion is one of a kind. It enables the tool to convert each and every byte of data present in the input file to output file.

Recover everything from OST file

Due to the use of such high-end technology the tool is even able to convert damaged or corrupted OST files. The tool also provides the feature of maintaining data integrity.

Data integrity is the property of data by virtue of which the hierarchy of file system is managed in the output file after the conversion. Many tools lack this feature but not OST Extractor Pro.

Awesome features

With a high-end core, a simple interface and an exclusive feature, OST Extractor Pro is the best and most highly recommended tool out there. And this is just a glimpse of what the tool can do.

The trial version supports all the premium features and is free to download. All these premium features supported by the tool have no time limit, this means that you can use the tool as much as you want and get familiar with it before moving onto the premium version.

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Along with all these cutting-edge features, OST Extractor Pro also provides you with a 24X7 helpline that comes in handy if you have any query regarding the tool. So download the ost to pst converter free trial today and get started.